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SYGIF International works in the 4 geomatics areas: data acquisition, transfer and storage, processing and finally the diffusion of data. At all these levels, we offer support services, training and development for your needs.

4 domaines geomatique en


  • Interactive Web Mapping
  • Programmers of experience in geomatics
  • Database Administration
  • Specific and customized training
  • Business Plan
  • System architecture
  • Functional Analysis
  • Maintenance et entretien évolutif de systèmes en géomatique et informatique
  • Technical Support
  • Development of customized products (research and development department)
  • Web Environment, mobile (Android, iOS), client-server applications
  • System or method for testing and simulating in laboratory environments
  • Development with most GIS software and Open Source software
  • Development with database with Spatial Reference
  • Application development to align with electronic components
  • Sale of our products
  • Website Hosting and Web Services (cloud computing)
  • After Sales Services