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An information technology based company whose main mission is to make software applications and computer-based information system projects in geomatics.

Additional missions include consulting services in the computer sciences and geomatics as well as marketing of its products. We also offer forest and environmental services from its sister company Le Groupe SYGIF inc. worldwide, including the products of its business partners.


SYGIF International wants to achieve the highest quality standards in customer service and product quality. SYGIF International adequately prepares its staff. It maintains and seeks new skills to be ready to act responsibly with a strong commitment to the environment.

Already present in Chile and Argentina, SYGIF International wants to export its expertise to the United States, Europe and Africa.


Respect: SYGIF International is proud to favor a humanist approach in the execution of its services, its management and in problem solving.

Committed: All associates of SYGIF International are committed to a collaboration that gives added value to the joint actions taken and the results obtained.

Responsible: Staff experience is reflected in work marked by rigor and commitment to a job well done.

Innovators: In the field of geomatics and information technology SYGIF International imbues a sense of creativity and originality in all of it’s projects.

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SYGIF International was founded in August 2008 after completing a new business plan from its sister company Le Groupe SYGIF inc. in order to plan for the expansion of its activities both nationally and internationally. More specifically, we have isolated the role of programming and systems development in order to make a separate company SYGIF INTERNATIONAL, which is responsible for the expansion of our activities at the International levels.