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System Description

This Tracking system (MAS) is used to monitor activities in an organization to improve its profitability. Specifically, the MAS logs, in a web-friendly environment, information about different projects and its activities. For example: tally support requests, log requests for product improvements, monitoring of projects and records. Standardization of day to day information and documentation to help with company certification.

MAS is an indispensable tool for monitoring the activities and the quality control within your organization and it will help to properly inform your customers about various projects. Use MAS as part of your quality control system in order to adequately meet the requirements of ISO Standards and certifications.

System Details
AdvantagesManagement of projects and activities, monitoring of ongoing operations and to achieve, project progress indicators, reports production in MS. Excel format, remote access on mobile platforms, secure HTTPS access..
BenefitsFast and effective management of your projects by members of your team, significant increase in the speed of management of client requests, better project planning, meets the requirements of the standards.
TechMS. Framework 4.5 (MVC), OpenSource database PostgreSQL, multilingual application, identification by username and password.
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